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About Manfred Schotten Antiques

Originally from Bavaria, Manfred Schotten started visiting England in the early 1970’s to buy antique furniture to ship back to Germany.

In the late 70’s Manfred settled in the UK with his wife Gabi and they moved to Burford in Oxfordshire.

Being a keen golfer amongst other sports, Manfred was naturally interested in buying antiques relating to these sports, and would sell these sporting artefacts on the Portobello road as well as in the shop. And so the sporting theme emerged and eventually the shop contained only items within the sporting genre, attracting buyers from the fashion industry such as Ralph Lauren, Hennes & Mauritz, Beaties, Gant and Uli Knecht. From here on the shop gained widespread publicity and is now in it’s 30th year of trade.

The shop is now a family run business, with Manfred and Gabi’s daughter Chrissie, joining in 2005. Nick Potter, a specialist print dealer also joined the Schotten’s showroom in 2005. For more information please visit www.nickpotter.com

Some quotes from the press…

“If sport rather than food is a passion, you will score points by choosing a present at Manfred Schotten Antiques, Burford. Vintage equipment and decorative items relating to tennis, golf, football, rugby, cricket, lacrosse and croquet are included. The shop is bursting at the seams with bronzes of champion golfers, sporting prints, well mellowed rackets and bats, decoy ducks and lustrous leather footwear”
- Huan Mallalieu – Country Life

“Schotten is Britain’s premier dealer and one of the country’s most notable authorities on English sporting antiques. Here valuable golfing artefacts sit comfortably amongst the club furniture, hunting prints, ancient wooden tennis racquets and autographed cricket bats.”
- Adam Edwards – How To Spend It magazine, FT.

“Best shop for sporting antiques”
- BBC Homes & Antiques Magazine

“Schotten has four rooms full to the brim with such memorabilia, freeze-framing more than a hundred years of British sporting achievement”
- World of Interiors

“While some antiques dealers might dabble in recreational odds and ends, Schotten is the rare store that specializes in them”
– Mens Vogue