Archibald Thorburn

Archibald Thorburn was a naturalist artist and bird illustrator, painting mostly in watercolour. He regularly visited Scotland to sketch the wildlife in their natural habitat. Archibald is thought to be one of the greatest wildlife artists of all time. It was his commission in 1887 to illustrate Lord Lilford's 'Coloured Figures of the Birds of the British Isles' that established his reputation, painting some 268 watercolours. He was the fifth son of Robert Thorburn (1818-1885), portrait miniaturist to Queen Victoria. He illustrated many books 'Fishing and Shooting', 'The Fox' to name a few. Being friends with other eminent bird illustrators, including George Edward Lodge and John Guille Millais, collaborating on a number of works including: Natural History of British Feeding Ducks; British Diving Ducks and British Game Birds.

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