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Brass Billiard Counter

Category: Indoor Games

Subcategory: Billiard & Snooker

Antique Billiard Counter.
A single working billiards marker with mechanical scoring mechanism. The current score is shown in the windows of the centre panels and can be altered by pressing downwards on the levers to either side. By pressing these this will rotate the discs inside that have numbers 0 to 9 printed on them. When you have reached 9 and press the right hand lever again, as well as setting the wheel to 0, it will automatically rotate the left hand wheel one turn. The top of the scoreboard casing is stamped: 'J.R' BTE. S.G.D.G. with four screw holes. This type of scoreboard would normally be fixed to a wooden paddle and it is commonly thought that these were used by spectators to keep the score at billiards matches. but are now widely used as lap counters in vintage motor racing.

The term 'BTE. S.G.D.G' stands for 'Breveté Sans Garantie Du Gouvernement' and translated means: 'Patent without guarantee of the government', this is the name of a patent as it was in France until 1968.

  • Year: Circa 1910
  • Medium: Brass
  • Country: France
  • Condition: Original and in working order.
  • Reference Number: 27209