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Geo. Wright Snooker, Billiard score board with live pool

Category: Indoor Games

Subcategory: Billiard & Snooker

G. Wright Billiard & Life Pool Scoreboard.
A nice combined billiards and life pool scoreboard made of mahogany. The billiard scorer has rollers with black painted numbers, 0 to 100, and brass slides to mark your score. The Life Pool board consists of 12 slides with coloured ivory discs, each colour representing the player's cue ball, the colours being White, Red, Yellow, Green, Brown, Blue, Pink, Black, spot White, spot Red, spot Yellow and spot Green. Each life pool slide reveals 3 Mother-of-pearl discs, one for each life. There are also 'stars' hiding, and they are used as extra lives. In the middle of the scoreboard there is a slate board for keeping scores etc.

The game of Life Pool can be played by a maximum of 12 players, who form the pool. Each player has his own coloured ball and loses a life each time the ball is potted by an opponent. When he loses 3 lives he can elect to buy another. This can be done up to 3 times before he finally has to leave the game.

  • Year: Circa 1880
  • Period: 1850-1899

  • Dimensions:
    H 75cm x W 97.5cm x D 11.5cm
    H 29½" x W 38¼" x D 4½"

  • Medium: Mahogany
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Condition: Very Good with some fading.
  • Reference Number: 26892