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Golf Print, John Hassall


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John Hassall Golf Print.
Golf Chromolithograph 'Putting Out in Modern Times' by J. Hassall.
One of the most charming scenes from Hassall's rare series of 'Golf Through The Ages'. The artist was a contemporary of Aldin and similarly a member of the London Sketch Club and produced several well known golfing images.
C. 1905

There is a paper label a fixed to the rear of the frame that reads:-
The series of 'Golf through the Centuries' was painted by Mr. John Hassell, R.I., who, though still a young man ( he was born in 1868), has attained a marked degree of distinction in England as an aquarellist and book illustrator. Mr. Hassall's name is a familiar one at the London Art Exhibitions and he is universally recognised by the leading English critics as one of the most convincing draughtsmen of the modern school of English painters.
That his pictures are 'good golf' as well as 'good art' is due to the facts that in the first place he himself is an ardent golfer and that, in the second, he received much valuable advice in their preparation from Mr. Horace Hutchinson. Mr. Hutchinson, the first holder of the English Amateur Championship and the author of the volume on 'Golf' in the celebrated Badminton series, also kindly made the necessary researches which ensured the historical correctness of the clubs and so forth displayed in the setting forth of the game as played under the Stuarts, the Georges and in the first years of Queen Victoria's reign. THE GORHAM COMPANY, NEW YORK.

  • Year: C. 1905
  • Dimensions:
    H 28cm x W 61cm
    H 11" x W 24"

  • Framed Dimensions:
    H 46.5cm x W 78cm
    H 18½" x W 30¾"

  • Exhibition: Champions, Hookers & Dew Sweepers No.16
  • Reference Number: 18565