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Golfing Etching, Clifftop Golf Course


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Golf Drypoint Etching.
This drypoint etching of a Clifftop Golf Course, is fascinating for the fact that the golfers and caddies depicted are all carrying their clubs by hand with no golf bags to be seen thus indicating that it was executed in the late nineteenth century before the invention of golf bags and automaton caddies. Indistinctly signed.

A dry point is traditionally done on copper plate, the image is engraved with an etching needle to create an impression of a drawing. When inked the plate can then be printed from again and again to produce an edition of prints.

  • Year: 1890's
  • Dimensions:
    H 15.5cm x W 37.5cm
    H 6" x W 14¾"

  • Framed Dimensions:
    H 37cm x W 57.5cm
    H 14½" x W 22½"

  • Exhibition: Champions, Hookers & Dew Sweepers No.59
  • Reference Number: 22125