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Hardy Fly Tin


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Category: Fishing - Antique

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Hardy 'Girodon Pralon' eyed fly box.
A good black japanned fly box by Hardy Bros., Alnwick, with cream interior. The fly box is with 15 compartments, each with a hinged lid, and a place for tweezers. In the Hardy Anglers Guide it is advertised as Hardy's special eyed fly box, the 'Girodon Pralon'. The lid has an oval nickel plaque with the Hardy name. There is also a pair of eyed-fly gut-cutter and tweezers. They are for cutting off spare gut ends, and extracting flies from the box etc., indispensable for the comfort and efficiency in eyed-hook fly-fishing.

  • Year: 1900
  • Dimensions:
    H 3 cm x W 15.5 cm x D 9 cm
    H 1" x W 6" x D 3½"

  • Reference Number: 25314