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Indian Dowry Chest


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Subcategory: Chests, Coffers & Cases

Anglo-Indian Damchiya Dowry Chest
An Indian hardwood bride's dowry chest or Damchiya. The intricately carved and decorated cabinet is with iron strapping and brass diamond washers, the front corners carved with primitive horse head finials. The front decorated with three rows of six square panels carved with scrolling leaves and flowers. A hinged door with catch give access to the spacious cabinet, to the left is a secret sliding panel enclosing two shelves. The back with rough carved inscription 'Ly x h x Ih'. Commonly from India's Rajasthan and Gujarat regions, these cabinets were used as Hope Chests to store a bride's dowry and after the wedding used for storing clothing and other valuables. Today they would make great sideboards for hallways, kitchens etc.

  • Year: 19th Century
  • Dimensions:
    H 91.5cm x W 149cm x D 74cm
    H 36" x W 58½" x D 29"

  • Provenance: Dhoraji Palace, Rajkot, Gujarat
  • Awards: Dhoraji Palace, Rajkot, Gujarat
  • Reference Number: 26919