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Lead tennis figures


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Category: Tennis and Racquet Sports

Subcategory: Figures & Novelty Items

An unusual and rare set of lead tennis figures made by Johillco.
The set comprises of a male and female tennis player, in action poses holding tennis rackets, and is complete with net posts. The figures are all original with minor chipping only.

John Hill & Company (or Johillco) were in direct competition to 'Britains' and was started by a former employee of 'Britains', a Mr F. H. Wood, where the name of John Hill came from is unknown. In contrast to 'Britains', Johillco was the first British hollow cast figure company to sell their figures individually rather than in sets. They were also known to have produced souvenir items of the 1937 Coronation, such as boxed display cases for horse drawn carriages and models of King George the Fourth and Queen Elizabeth. In addition to the soldiers they made cowboys and Indians and many figures of knights.

There is a single male tennis figure (stock No. 25554) also available.

  • Year: C. 1930
  • Period: 1900-1949

  • Medium: Lead
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Condition: Very Good
  • Reference Number: 25553