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Mc Queen's Coachings, White Horse Cellars

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Coaching Engraving, Hatchett's Hotel.
A large framed colourful and impressive coaching engraving by C.R. Stock after the original painting of The White Horse Cellars, Piccadilly, by Harington Bird. The picture is framed in period oak frame with gold slip and depicts the busy London street at the end of the 19th Century outside The White Horse Cellars Hotel. Five coaches can be seen crowding the street, each one full of passengers. Published by F.C. McQueen & Sons, 'The Leading Road Coaches Leaving the White Horse Cellars, XI A.M. Summer Season 1888. This engraving is dedicated by special permission to his Grace the Duke of Beaufort by his most obedient servants F.C. McQueen & Sons'. 

The Old White Horse Cellar (also known as Hatchett's Hotel) was one of the most famous coaching inns in London during the 18th and 19th centuries. In its heyday it served as the starting point for mail coaches going western-bound from London. It was also a hub for travellers with it's 'travellers' room', a waiting room for travellers to rest and wait for another coach. The inn was named by its first landlord, a man named Williams, in honour of the new monarch George I, the crest of the house of Hanover featuring a white horse.

  • Year: Circa 1890
  • Dimensions:
    H 50cm x W 105cm
    H 19½" x W 41¼"

  • Framed Dimensions:
    H 89cm x W 140cm
    H 35" x W 55"

  • Condition: Engraving with good colour but staining and marks to boarder. Has been relined.
  • Reference Number: 26914