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Moose Antlers on Shield

Category: Taxidermy

Vintage Taxidermy, Moose Antlers, Palmate Antlers.
Pair of 26 point moose antlers with skull cap with fur, mounted onto an oak shield with inscription. The inscription reads 'Meade's Camp, Restigouche. N.B Oct 1926', (New Brunswick, Canada).

Moose are part of the deer family and are the largest member and fittingly have the largest set of antlers too. Moose antlers are paired and shaped like a hand with the fingers out stretched, also known as palmate antlers. The antlers grow in the spring from the males skull and are covered in a protective 'velvet', they are full formed by around September with the velvet having been shed. During mid-November and March the moose will typically lose their antlers. Currently most moose are found in Alaska, Canada, New England, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Latvia, Estonia and Russia.

  • Year: 1926
  • Dimensions:
    H 84cm x W 99.5cm x D 51cm
    H 33" x W 39" x D 20"

  • Medium: Taxidermy
  • Condition: Very good
  • Reference Number: 26886