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Photogravure by Thomas Blinks, Drop!


Category: Hunting & Shooting

Subcategory: Paintings & Prints

Thomas Blinks Photogravure, Drop!
A wonderful photogravure of three setters after Thomas Blinks original painting, titled 'DROP!'. Framed and mounted in a modern wooden frame with gold slip. Printed in the bottom boarder 'painted by Thomas Blinks, London Published January 10th 1894 by Arthur Tooth & Sons, 5 & 6. Haymarket, 299 Fifth Ave. New York, Copyright registered and Mess'' Stiefbold & Co. Berlin'.

  • Period: 1950-1999

  • Dimensions:
    H 49cm x W 75cm
    H 19¼" x W 29½"

  • Framed Dimensions:
    H 74.5cm x W 101cm
    H 29¼" x W 39¾"

  • Medium: Paper
  • Country: UnUnited Kingdom
  • Condition: Very Good
  • Reference Number: 26489