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Presentation Rowing Rudder


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Cambridge University Rowing Rudder.
An original presentation trophy rudder 'Lady Margaret 2nd Lent Boat' with gold calligraphy and college insignia. This is the former property of H.M. Stewart who was the cox. The college crest is of St John's College, Cambridge, England and The Lady Margaret Boat Club is the rowing club for its members. We also have a second rudder of Stewart's that would make a great companion to this one. On the rear is a paper trade label 'T.H. Bamford, sign-writing, decorative painting, 7 Chesterfield Road, Cambridge'.

The calligraphy on the rudder reads:
Lady Margaret 2nd Lent Boat, 1949,
Bow. G.R. Wace, 10.10
2. L.A. Officer, 11.1
3. D.R. Howe, 11.4
4. P. Garbett, 11.0
5. G.W. Harding, 12.2
6. T.W.W. Pemberton, 12.5
7. A.T. Brown, 11.10
Str. A. Woodhead, 10.8
Cox. H.M. Stewart, 9.3
Coaches, Prof. E.A. Walker, W.T. Arthur
Corpus I + Peterhouse I + Downing I + Emmanuel I +

Any crew which records four consecutive bumps is said to have 'gained their oars'. The prize being a full-size oar decorated with the names of the full crew in gold lettering on the college colours for each rower. The cox is given a decorated rudder and the coach receives a decorated wooden shield with a mock-up of the bow end of a boat.

  • Year: 1949
  • Period: 1900-1949

  • Dimensions:
    H 29.5cm x W 51cm x D 34.5cm
    H 11½" x W 20" x D 13½"

  • Medium: Mahogany
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Provenance: Former property of H.M. Stewart
  • Awards: Former property of H.M. Stewart
  • Condition: The rudder is in very good condition with only one split from shrinkage which is quite normal.
  • Reference Number: 27280