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Set Of Hickory Golf Clubs by Gibson


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Set Of Eight Gibson Hickory Golf Clubs.
A good set of eight hickory shafted golf clubs by Gibson of Kinghorn, Scotland. The set includes No.1 & No.2 irons, deep face Mashie, No.8 Niblick, No.6 Mashie Niblick, No.9 putter, Driver and Brassie (there is also a steel shafted driver). The clubs are all branded 'Grampian Range' with the irons having the hickory shafts stamped 'Super Star' and the heads with the letter 'G' in the center of the Gibson's 'Star' cleek mark. The Irons are also named after the mountains of the Grampian Range, possibly Ben Alder, Ben Erie, Ben Macdbare, Ben Robis, Ben More & Ben Lomond. The club heads also have three alignment dots on the top edge of their faces.

The driver and brassie are with approximate lofts of 7° and 11°, shaft length 44 inches and 43 ¾ inches respectively. The No.1 iron is 20° with shaft 39 ½ inches long, No.2 iron is 23° with shaft 39 inches long, mashie is 32° and 38 ¼ inches long, mashie-niblick has a 40° loft and shaft length of 37 inches & niblick has a 48° loft and shaft length of 36 ¾ inches.

This is a great set of playable original hickory shafted golf clubs. If you are wishing to play some hickory golf the best balls to play with are low compression balls that will give at impact, such as ladies balls or soft feel balls.

  • Year: Circa 1925
  • Dimensions:
    H 116cm
    H 45½"

  • Medium: Hickory
  • Country: Scotland
  • Exhibition: Champions, Hookers & Dew Sweepers No.96
  • Condition: Original & usable
  • Reference Number: 27139