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Sharpe's Scottie 'The Featherweight' Trout Rod

Category: Fishing - Antique

Subcategory: Rods and reels

Sharpe Scottie Trout Fly Rod, 'The Featherweight'.
A fine Sharpe's of Aberdeen 8', 2 piece impregnated split cane trout fly rod, The Featherweight. The 1960's split bamboo rod is with suction joint, burgundy whipped snake rings, a wooden stopper, alloy reel ring and the No. 68149 is stamped on the end of the alloy butt. The inscription spiralling around the rod with decal is 'The 'Featherweight', 8' # 5-6, 'Scottie' with an image of a Scottie dog and the word impregnated'. Sharpe's of Aberdeen produced a great many cane rods that were impregnated with a special resin, this process meant that the rods were virtually rot proof.

  • Exhibition: Carpe Diem
  • Reference Number: 26514