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Smooth Face Iron, F. H. Ayres


Category: Golf

Subcategory: Clubs

Antique Hickory Golf Club, F. H. Ayres.
A good early example of a 1890's smooth faced hickory shafted long iron by F. H. AYRES. The makers name is on the back of the club head, as is the letter D. The shaft is original and also stamp F.H. AYRES. The club is in a well used condition but is a good decorative club. The grip is made of sheep skin and is in a well used condition, the shaft has a repair and the hosel does have a small crack in it.

F.H.Ayres was established in 1810 and manufactured golf and games as early as the 1880's. F.H.Ayres used the 'Maltese Cross' mark from about 1910, they were eventually bought out by Slazenger.

  • Year: 1890's
  • Dimensions:
    H 108cm
    H 42½"

  • Medium: Hickory
  • Country: England
  • Condition: Fair
  • Reference Number: 26488