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Snaffles WWI Military Print, Gunners


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Snaffles WWI Military Print, Gunners.
A good Snaffles WWI military photolithograph with hand finishing with the title 'Gunners'. The picture shows a team of six horses and three drivers, two smoking and one examining a horse's hoof. In the bottom margin is a remarque depicting the team riding past a dead horse with the caption 'There Lay the driver's brother with 'is 'ead between 'is 'eels. (Rudyard Kipling)'. The print is signed 'Snaffles' in pencil in the bottom margin.

  • Year: 1918
  • Dimensions:
    H 22.5cm x W 48.5cm
    H 8¾" x W 19"

  • Framed Dimensions:
    H 52.5cm x W 83cm
    H 20½" x W 32½"

  • Country: England
  • Signed / Inscribed / Dated: Snaffles
  • Condition: Very good
  • Reference Number: 27182