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Table Croquet Set


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Subcategory: Croquet

Miniature Croquet Set.
An original parlour game of miniature croquet. The table top croquet set comes on its original turned mahogany stand and original pine box. The set contains 8 mallets and balls all made of boxwood. To complete the set there are 10 wire hoops with lead weighted feet and 2 posts. Although there is no makers name it is probably made by either F.H. Ayres or Jaques, because of its very good quality.
Mallets are 10 ¾ ' in length.

Table Croquet was likely the invention of the Victorians who had a craze for all sorts of parlour games. A whole number of indoor/parlour games were invented, this included miniaturised versions of the popular outdoor games at the time, including bowls and croquet. These games were manufactured by the great games manufacturers of the time such as John Jaques and F. H. Ayres.

  • Year: C. 1900
  • Dimensions:
    H 10.5cm x W 31.5cm x D 22cm
    H 4" x W 12¼" x D 8½"

  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Condition: In very good original condition with original stand and box.
  • Reference Number: 26977