Set Of Leather Horse Shoes For Tennis And Cricket Lawns

Set Of Leather Horse Shoes For Tennis And Cricket Lawns


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Cole Patent Leather Horseshoe Lawn Boots, Lawn Protectors.
A scarce pair of Coles Patent leather horse hoof boots, used by pony-drawn early lawn mowers to protect the lawns. With the growth of tennis and other lawn sports there was a need for larger lawn mowers. These proved too heavy to be operated by man and were therefore harnessed to ponies or young cobs. This created a problem of sharp indentations made by the horse's hoof and shoe in the turf, to avoid this, saddlers came up with the hoof boot to protect the tennis court or other lawns, turf. This is an extremely rare full set of four leather horse lawn boots, made of thick leather, with a strap that buckles around the pastern and also a lower strap behind the heel. The fronts are embossed with "Coles Patent". The soles are made up of layers of thick leather that are fastened together with rivets and fixed onto the sides of the boots. These leather horse shoe covers would have been used on tennis lawns, golf greens and any other large expanse of lawn, they also had similar shoes on pit ponies. They are also called mufflers as they would have been used for deliveries etc. that had to be quiet. The last image is of an old advert for the 'Pattisson' Lawn Boots, although they show the Cole's patent boot. This stated that they were supplied to His Majesty's horses, used at Royal gardens, Balmoral Castle, Royal Botanic gardens, Kew, Lord's Cricket Ground, The Oval, Crystal Palace and private gardens in the United Kingdom.


Height 17 cm / 6 34"
Width 20 cm / 7 "
Depth 20.5 cm / 8 14"



C. 1860's




United Kingdom


Excellent condition.