Vintage Farlow Type, Fishing Line Winder, Line Dryer.

Vintage Farlow Type, Fishing Line Winder, Line Dryer.


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Folding X-frame Farlow Type Line Winder Or Line Drier.
A collapsible fishing line dryer with chrome fittings. This useful line winder folds into a convenient size for packing, there are no loose parts to be mislaid and it can be used with all sizes of reels. It is very quick to assemble and each turn of the winder takes approximately 22 inches of line. The metal standard and chrome arms are fixed to an oak paddle with adjustable reel fittings, the underside covered in soft baize. To fold for packing, the sprung brass arms are pushed inwards and the X-frame will collapse, then release the standard from the metal housing and the whole mechanism will fold neatly down onto the wooden base. There is no maker's mark but it is identical to the Charles Farlow model.

Size when open:- 12 ¼ inches high, 13 ½ inches wide & 4 ¾ inches deep.

Linewinders were an important tool in the days of silk line when one had to take the line off the reel for drying it. It still is a very useful tool for today's angler to transfer the fishing line from one reel onto another.


Height 5.5 cm / 2 14"
Width 34.5 cm / 13 34"
Depth 12.5 cm / 5"



C. 1930's






Very good and usable, although a couple of the spindles on the chrome arms are bent.