Tipp & Co Clockwork Motorcycle With Rider & Pillion Passenger

Tipp & Co Clockwork Motorcycle With Rider & Pillion Passenger

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Tipp & Co. Toy Clockwork Tinplate Motorcycle.
A rare, desirable, tinplate wind-up motorcycle by renowned German manufacture Tipp & Co or TippCo. The original tin windup motor bike with civilian male rider and female pillion passenger. The clockwork toy cycle with very high quality tin pressing, embossed details and intricate chromolithography of engine details, gear lever, carburetor and handbrake. The tires marked 'Dunlop Cord, 935 x 135'. The bike is made up of two pressed metal plates (shaped after printing) with corresponding tongues and notches or holes. The tongues are passed through the notches and folded down to hold the two halves together. There is a wind up clock mechanism that would propel the bike along (mechanism needs attention). There are some rust spotting to the surface, it is a similar pressing to the five-fingered Mickey Mouse Model (early Mickey spin-offs had five fingers as the manufacturers did not pay close attention to the animator's choice of only four digits per hand). Mickey Mouse & Minnie can be seen on the same motorcycle and is regarded as one of the rarest Disney related toys, Tipp & Co. did not produced it in large numbers and only a handful are thought to have survived.


Height 17 cm / 6 34"
Width 24 cm / 9 12"
Depth 5 cm / 2 "



Circa 1920's - 30's






Rust spotting to the surface, seams coming undone, windup mechanism needs attention.