Here you will find all things golf related from early golf equipment that was used on the fairways to golf statues, golf trophies and pictures relating to golf courses and golf tournaments. Ideal for the serious collector, golf enthusiast or interior designer. The clubs range from the early long nose clubs from the great Scottish clubmakers like Robert Forgan, Tom Morris, the McEwan family, Hugh Philp and Charlie Hunter to playable 1920's Hickory shafted golf clubs by George Nicoll, Gibson, Cann and Taylor and Tom Stewart, all with evocative names such as Brassie, Mashie and Niblick. There are golf balls through the ages from the 'feathery', the gutta percha (gutty), bramble patterns, mesh patterns and dimples. Great ornamental items like toast racks, ink wells and golf bookends. Golfing art work for the home, office or club, featuring courses like St Andrews (the home of golf), or the Blackheath Golfers, photogravures, oil paintings, watercolours and photographs of courses like Sunningdale, Wentworth, Augusta and Prestwick. Usable walking sticks, fashioned like old golf clubs, called 'Sunday Clubs', books on the great game and even parlour games such as the Schoenhut Indoor Golfers of Tommy Green and Sissie Lofter.

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