Signed Cricket Bat, West Indies 1939

Signed Cricket Bat, West Indies 1939



Gunn and Moore Signed Cricket Bat, 1939 West Indies.
A great autographed willow Gunn & Moore cricket bat 'County'. The cricket bat with original pen and ink signatures from the 1939 West Indies cricket tour to UK. The teams that have signed the bat are Middlesex, Surrey, Gloucester and Sussex on the front of the blade, to the rear West Indies, Yorkshire, Notts, Worcestershire, Somerset and Derbyshire. The bat is in good condition and the autographs are still clearly visible. The stamping on the two shoulders reads: 'GUN & MOORE Ltd, MAKERS, NOTTINGHAM ENGLAND', whilst on the blade 'TREBLE SPRING, 'COUNTY'. The West Indies cricket team toured England in the 1939 season to play a three-match Test series against England. England won the series 1-0 with two matches drawn. The tour was cut short by the preparations for and then the outbreak of World War II.

Autographs are difficult to decipher but some of the ones we think we have identified are:-

West Indies (14 signatures in total) Rolph Grant (captain), Leslie Hylton, Derek Sealy, Bertie Clarke, Manny Martindale, Ken Weekes, George Headley.

Yorkshire (12 signatures in total) Brian Sellers, Ellis Robinson, A. Wood, W. Barber, Herbert Sutcliffe, Hedley Verity, Norman Yardley, Frank Smailes, Len Hutton

Notts (12 signatures in total) G.F.H. Heane, Arthur Wheat, Joseph Knowles, William Voce, Ron Giles, Walter Keeton.

Worcestershire (11 signatures in total) Reg Perks, Phil King, Sidney Martin, Edwin Cooper, Roly Jenkins, Dick Howorth.

Derbyshire (12 signatures in total) Alf Pope, Albert (Dusty) Rhodes, Bill Copson, H Elliott, D. Smith, LF Townsend, George Pope, Albert Alderman.

Somerset (11 signatures in total) Harold Gimblett, Bill Andrews, Bertie Buse, Wally Luckes.

Middlesex (12 signatures in total) Bill Edrich, Jack Robertson, Sydney Brown, Denis Compton.

Surrey (13 signatures in total) Freddie Brown, Eddie Watts, Alf Grover, Tom Barling.

Gloucester (12 signatures in total) Andy Wilson, Victor Hopkins.

Sussex (11 signatures in total) Match cancelled without a ball bowled. Hugh Bartlett, H. Parks, G. Cox, J.K. Nye, John Langridge.


Height 87 cm / 34 "
Width 11 cm / 4 "
Depth 5.5 cm / 2 "





Very good