Cricket ball with silver plaque

Cricket ball with silver plaque



Presentation Cricket Ball.
A very nice presentation cricket ball with an engraved silver shield. The silver shield is engraved 'A.C.C., 13 Sept.1942, E.H. Darvell, 5 wickets in 5 balls'. We know E. Darvell also played for Fencibles Cricket Club in the Chiltern area so A.C.C. is most probably Amersham Cricket Club. The cricket ball is made by the famous polo equipment manufacture J. Salter of 23 High Street, Aldershot.

James already had a reputation for repairing polo mallets so in 1883 at 23 High Street, Aldershot, he opened his shop and it still bears the name J.Salter and Sons. He became famous throughout the world for his high quality goods, leading players would only use Salter equipment. The secret of his success was using only the best materials available and always trying to improve his products.
When James retired his sixth child, Sydney, took over the running of the business. The business continued to grow, as did the clientele. The list of Salter's customers was very impressive and they supplied equipment to high ranking military personnel, Dukes, Maharajas, Princes and Kings, all of it made in the Aldershot premises.