Cricket ball with silver plaque

Cricket ball with silver plaque



Presentation Cricket Ball.
A very nice Stuart Surridge & Co. Ltd. 5 ½ oz cricket ball with a sterling silver plaque commemorating three wickets with three balls by E.H Darvell. The silver disc is engraved 'Fencibles Cricket Club, E.H. Darvell, 3 Wickets 3 Three Balls, Old Merchant Taylors, 21.8.1949'

Cricket during the Second World War in the Chiltern area was limited but the 1941 season kicked off with inter-platoon matches between the Chesham Home Guard, with C versus D platoon and A versus B. B platoon originally used the Chiltern Rugby Club pavilion as a HQ and the B platoon was the later basis of Fencibles Cricket Club.