Taxidermy Fish in Bowfronted Case, Bream.

Taxidermy Fish in Bowfronted Case, Bream.


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Taxidermy. Preserved Bream.
A cased bream in a nice bow fronted case with gilt lines, taxidermist unknown. There is a hand written paper inscription inside 'Caught by E. Voss, Northcote, Piscatorials, Weight 2 ¼ Lbs'. The case contains a cleverly modelled fish set against a painted backdrop with realistic river bed setting. The glass front has been replaced as it broke. Painted on the front of the original glass case was 'Caught by E. Voss, River Colne'.

The River Colne, and its sister river the Colne Brook, arise at North Mymms Park in Hertfordshire and then flow westwards and finally southwards along the water course known as the Colne Valley in the north west Home Counties. They often form the county boundary for Hertfordshire or Middlesex as they make their way towards the Thames.
The Colne tends to split into two as it wends its way downstream and the split off is called the Colne Brook. The rivers eventually part company and end up in the Thames near Staines.

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Height 33.5 cm / 13 14"
Width 48 cm / 19"
Depth 14 cm / 5 12"







United Kingdom

Christmas 2020

Minor damage to one of the fins. The front glass has been replaced and some of the black tape has been restored. Otherwise in good condition.