Child's Leather Football Boots

Child's Leather Football Boots



Vintage Pair of Child's Leather Football, Rugby Boots, Government Wartime Utility mark CC41 .
A nice pair of child's leather boots in very good condition. The toe area on the boots is made of hardened leather with an extra strip of leather just behind. The six studs on each boot are formed by layers of cylindrical leather discs fastened to the sole of the boot by three nails. On the sole of the boots is the Governments Wartime Utility mark CC41 (civilian clothing 41).

Towards the end of 1941 the government introduced The Utility Clothing Scheme to deal with the shortage of raw materials available to the country during the Second World War, and to help keep prices down. The government took control of all imported raw material including cloth. Manufactures had to work from Government patterns that were plain and simple and most importantly did not waste materials. The 'Utility clothing' bore the stamp 'CC41' Civilian Clothing 1941. Profits were also restricted for both manufactures and retailers which helped keep prices down. The utility scheme was later to include furniture as well some other items and ran from 1941 to 1951.