Antique Long Nose Golf Club, McEwan, Musselburg

Antique Long Nose Golf Club, McEwan, Musselburg

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Antique Long Nose Golf Club, McEwan Of Musselburgh.
A fine long nose golf club, spoon by McEwan of Musselburgh. This club has a wonderful and graceful shape, only the like found on clubs you see from the best club makers such as H. Philp and R. Forgan. This great looking club has a head made from fruit wood with lead weight to the rear and the traditional horn slip along the leading edge of the sole with a full brass sole plate. The polished head is stamped 'McEwan', the shaft of hickory with a leather grip on listing. The scare head joint with good whipping. This is a very nice example of a McEwan long nose golf club from the 1870's in excellent condition and from one of the great club makers.

Approximate head size:-
a = 8cm
b = 3cm
c = 4cm

The early clubs are made with long slender shallow-faced heads with an ash or hickory shaft glued to the head by means of a splice or scare joint. This joint is then further strengthened by whipping with a pitched thread. All beautifully hand made by craftsmen of the time.


Height 103 cm / 40 34"
Width 11 cm / 4 "
Depth 5 cm / 2 "



C. 1870's






In very good but used condition with great patina and colour.