Vintage Alloy, Huntly Putter With Groove Handle

Vintage Alloy, Huntly Putter With Groove Handle

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Huntly Aluminium Mallet Head Putter.
A good example of an aluminium head putter fitted with an original hickory shaft with a 'Huntly Grip'. The wooden shaft is round from the hosel terminating into a thicker rectangular handle. The back of the handle is rounded and the front has a deep groove down the front for the golfer's thumbs. The crown of the club head marked "Huntly", the hickory shaft stamped 'Patent 165,384, 1920' on the wood just above the thumb groove on the handle.

Alexander Huntly Gordon, of Fontainebleau, France, received a British patent (No. 165,384) dated September 29, 1920, and a U.S. patent (No. 1,506,523) dated Aug. 26, 1924, that covered the solid wood grip. This rectangular grip, integral with the shaft, has a substantial groove cut down the front to accommodate the golfer's thumbs. Gordon's grip was designed to keep itself, and the club, from turning in the golfer's hand (Clubmaker's Art by Jeffery Ellis).


Height 89 cm / 35 "
Width 9.5 cm / 3 34"
Depth 4.3 cm / 1 "



Circa 1920's


Aluminum and Hickory


United Kingdom


Small damage on the hosel. See images.