Hattersley Lacrosse Stick

Hattersley Lacrosse Stick



Vintage Lacrosse Stick.
La cross stick made from hickory, the head is of a typical triangular shape with leather thongs and gut to create the cradle section of the head. The word "VIKTORIA" is embossed onto the frame of the head with "HATTERSLEY & SON, Makers, No.1".

The name Hattersley is synonymous with the game of Lacrosse in the UK and was founded by Thomas Sands Hattersley, who began making cricket bats back in the late 19th century in a factory at Eccles, Manchester. The cricket bats were of high quality and many Lancashire batsmen used them. The business soon expanded as did the range of equipment with the addition of tennis rackets and hockey sticks.
With the death of Thomas in 1910 his son, John, carried on the company. About the same time Lacrosse was being introduced to the UK, with new clubs being formed every season. The sport was gaining popularity and was even taken up in Girls schools across the country, so in response the company started to make La cross sticks. Initially demand far outstripped supply but when the first war started production was scaled down and was focused on making crosses for the girl's game. After the war production was expanded to meet the ever-increasing demand as more girl's schools took up the sport. The craftsmanship of making a hickory crosse has always been the highest priority at Hattersley's and the Viktoria crosse has long been acknowledged as a benchmark in stick design.


Height 112 cm / 44 14"
Width 21 cm / 8 12"
Depth 4 cm / 1 34"





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