University Photograph

University Photograph


Trinity College, Cambridge University, Beagle Committee Photograph.
A wonderful framed photo of '1875 Beagle Committee' from Trinity College, Cambridge. The original 'Hills & Saunders' mount is with arched window cutout, college crest, calligraphic legend and the names of the huntsmen. The picture was the property of V. W. Vickers. The other gentlemen in the picture are Viscount Ebrington, A. W. Turner, H. Cavan. Irving, J. J. Hornby, T. N. Leeke, P.L. Clowes and T. R. Scarlett. Vickers hunted the Trinity Beagles at Cambridge for two seasons, succeeding that fine sportsman G. H. Longman.

Image size: 10 inches wide by 8 inches high.

We do have three other photos of V. Vickers, all are Eton photos, The 1873 Beagles, Eton 1873 Society and Rev. G.R. Dupuis 1873 House Group.

Beagling is the hunting of hares, and sometime rabbits, with beagles using scent alone. A beagle pack is usually followed on foot and was used as a way for young gentlemen to learn how to handle hounds on a smaller scale before they go on to hunt with foxhounds.


Height 39.5 cm / 15 "
Width 47 cm / 18 "



C. 1875


United Kingdom


very good.