Large Kinsella Cricket Figure

Large Kinsella Cricket Figure


Cricket Figure, Kinsella, The Umpire.
A rare large and amusing Kinsella cricket figure 'The Umpire' made of plaster and painted. The subject is of a young boy dressed in oversized umpire attire with a torn sleeve and baggy trousers held up with braces. The base is inscribed 'The Umpire' and impressed to the rear, REG 482317. The figure is modelled on Kinsella's cricket postcard 'The Boss', the original set of postcards comprised of six pictures entitled:- The Boss, Good Enough For His County, The Catch of the Season, The Hope of His Side, Out First Ball, & How's That?
The figure is an original hence some of the paint work is chipped. A great item for any cricket enthusiast.


Height 33.5 cm / 13 "
Width 12.5 cm / 5"
Depth 11 cm / 4 "