Heeley Compound Lever Corkscrew

Heeley Compound Lever Corkscrew


Vintage Heeley Lazy Tongs Corkscrew.
A very good example of Wier's patent concertina cork screw manufactured by James Heeley & Sons. On September 25th, 1884, Marshall Arthur Wier from Surrey, England, patented the concertina corkscrew and they were manufactured by James Heeley & Sons.
This working corkscrew is marked 'Wier's Patent, 12804, 25 Septr., 1884, J. Heeley & Sons'. The corkscrew known as a Compound Lever, Concertina or Lazy Tong, consists of simple levers joined together to give a mechanical advantage when uncorking a bottle. One of Heeley's adverts state 'This corkscrew, by an ingenious arrangement of Levers, being at the same time both simple and powerful, will, when used in the ordinary way, pull out any Cork with a speed and ease not attained by any other Corkscrew. It will be found equally useful in the Restaurant, Hotel, or Private House'.


Height 13.5 cm / 5 "
Width 10.5 cm / 4 "
Depth 4 cm / 1 34"

c. 1910