Canadian Snow Shoes by Chestnut Canoe Co.

Canadian Snow Shoes by Chestnut Canoe Co.


Vintage Canadian Snowshoes.
An attractive and outstanding pair of large snow shoes constructed from bent hickory frames with stretchers and interlaced gut supports. They are made by the Chestnut Canoe Co. Ltd. in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada. The snow shoes are in great original condition with company decal on both snowshoes.
Snowshoes were a common form of transport and sport amongst North American natives and were later taken up by settlers like fur trappers. Snow shoeing later became a weekend sporting activity that is still very popular in America and now also in the Alps.

The Chestnut family made its name in the 19th century in hardware and sporting goods under the name R. Chestnut & Sons. Shortly after the turn of the twentieth century William and Harry Chestnut, two brothers, were responsible for the emergence of the Chestnut canoe. The brother's organized the building of the canvas-covered canoes in J.C. Risteen Co. factory on Queen Street in Fredericton. The canoe-building business of R. Chestnut & Sons prospered, prompting the Chestnuts to establish a separate firm in 1907 for the manufacture of canoes - henceforth known as the Chestnut Canoe Co. Ltd. The Chestnut Canoe company was sold in 1977, but it soon became clear that the new owners did not see a long future for themselves in the canoe business. In 1978 the last owners of the Chestnut Canoe Co. Ltd., suspended production and closed the plant for good.


Height 113 cm / 44 "
Width 34 cm / 13 12"
Depth 3 cm / 1 "



C. 1950






Chestnut Canoe Co. Ltd. decals.