Curling Stone In Leather Carry Case

Curling Stone In Leather Carry Case


Curling Stone with Leather Case.
A rare piece, a double - soled curling stone with original leather carry case and chiselled into the stone the owners initials W.T.M. The leather 'container' was used to protect and carry the curling stone, the handle would be removed and carried separately but the metal bolt would be left in the stone. It is very rare indeed to find a stone with a carry case. The more 'common' wicker basket type carry cases do come up occasionally but are normally in poor shape as they were prone to woodworm and where not as strong. A leather case is very seldom seen. The case is in good condition for its age, only the metal studs holding the hinge together have failed. The cast brass handle is engraved "Presented to W.T. Malcolm ESQ. Dunmore, by the members of the, ABC & DCC, for his long services as secty. & treasurer, 25th JANY. 1907". We believe 'ABC & DCC' to be The Airth Bruce Castle and Dunmore Curling Club in Falkirk, Scotland, that was instituted in 1841.

This curling stone is being sold on it's own but is one of a pair, as can be seen in the last 2 images. The second stone is also available, stock No. 26850.




Circa 1900






Very good