Antique Golf Painting, Reigate Heath Golf Club

Antique Golf Painting, Reigate Heath Golf Club

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Reigate Heath Golf Club Watercolour.
A charming golf picture, watercolour, of Reigate Heath Golf Club titled - Golfers on Reigate Heath. The picture is painted by the artist Charles Pyne and signed 'C Pyne' in lower right hand corner.

Charles Pyne (Ex. 1861 - 1880) lived in London & painted in many parts of Britain as well as Belgium, Holland, Guernsey & Jersey. Examples in Victoria & Albert.

Taken from Reigate Heath website:-
Established in 1895, 9 hole Reigate Heath Golf Club was described by Peter Alliss as "a little gem". Full of charm and bursting with character, the course is set within a 120 acre Site of Special Scientific Interest, where heather and gorse-lined fairways are laid out on a natural heathland landscape around a beautiful old clubhouse and windmill.

The course is configured with nine holes and eighteen separate tees which are positioned so that they change the appearance of every hole to a greater or lesser extent. Sometimes the tee placements are shorter or longer on the back nine, other times they're located on the other side of the fairway, offering a different angle of play.

50 Best 9 Hole Courses in the World 2020 - We are No. 6! - 50 best 9 hole courses 2020

6. Reigate Heath GC, Surrey, England (Tom Dunn/1895)
Expert's take: Reigate Heath would be one of Bernard Darwin's little known "stars of sand and heather." Of course there is pine, birch, oak and wild bilbery here too. A venerable club formed in the late 19th century, this club feels a bit Dutch given the signature windmill adjacent to the clubhouse. The routing circularly takes you around a surprisingly rolling property which tests the short irons as well as a few longer clubs. Reigate is a period piece of what golf was at the turn of the century.


Height 23.5 cm / 9 12"
Width 38.5 cm / 15 "
Framed height 44 cm / 17 12"
Framed width 58.5 cm / 23 "
Framed depth 2 cm / 1"



Circa 1875




United Kingdom


Charles Pyne


Very good, newly remounted and framed.