Cecil Aldin Nursery Frieze, Mother Duck.

Cecil Aldin Nursery Frieze, Mother Duck.


Vintage Nursery Frieze by Cecil Aldin, Mother Duck.
A good single chromolithograph from a set of 12 Nursery friezes developed from designs which Aldin had painted on the walls of his children's nursery. This is titled "Mother Duck" and shows a mother duck with 5 of her chicks with a dark green background. The others in the set are 'A Hunting We Will Go', 'Follow My Leader', 'Leap Frog', 'Gobble Gobble', 'Hunt the Slipper', 'Boys and Girls Come Out to Play', 'A Sporting Tandem', 'Dinner Time', 'You Lucky Dog', 'Mother Hen' and 'The Order of the Bath'.
Image size:101/4" high by 271/4" wide.

Cecil Aldin (1870 - 1935) was a prolific painter, not only is he known for his sensitive depictions of his dogs, but he also painted scenes of hunting and racing. Aldin was the Master of the South Berkshire Hunt and was elected a member of the Royal Society of British Artists in 1898.


Height 34.5 cm / 13 "
Width 86 cm / 34"