Signed Snaffles Pig Sticking Print - Finest View In Asia

Signed Snaffles Pig Sticking Print - Finest View In Asia


Finest View In Asia By Snaffles, Pig Sticking.
A fine signed Snaffles Pigsticking lithograph titled 'Finest View In Asia'. A slight play on one of his earlier fox hunting prints 'Finest View In Europe' which depicted a riders view approaching a cut-and-laid fence with the foxhounds in front running across a Leicestershire hunting field. This one depicts again a riders view but of a running pig. The horse is Carclew and the hand holding the spear is that of Major Scott - Cockburn. The large central image surrounded by three remarques of more pig sticking scenes. Subtitles 1) Steady Chaps - give him some rope, 2) One of 'em out of it, 3) Ride. This Charles "Snaffles" Johnson Payne (1884 1967) picture is in very good condition and framed in new black frame with a Snaffles signature in pencil in the bottom left hand corner with the Snaffles blindstamp (a bridle bit).

There were several Victorian, Edwardian artists who illustrated the sport for magazines and prints, most notably Lionel Edwards and Snaffles (Charles Johnson Payne). Pig sticking, the hunting of wild pig by mounted spearmen, was a popular, exciting and sometimes dangerous pastime of cavalrymen and was a popular recreation for British officers in India. According to the 1911 Encyclopedia Britannica, it was actively encouraged by military authorities as good training. In India pig-sticking events took place, the most famous of which was the Kadir Challenge Cup which was the highest honour in the sport of pig-sticking or hog-hunting and the ultimate ambition of any pig sticker was to win it. The most famous winner of the cup being Sir Robert Baden-Powell in 1883 (Lord Baden-Powell was a lieutenant-general in the British Army in India and Africa, he was also the founder of the Scout Movement in 1906). He wrote a book on the sport called 'Pig-Sticking or Hog-Hunting: A Complete Account for Sportsmen - And Others', published in 1924. Also in a chapter on pig sticking in his autobiography, Lessons from the Varsity of Life (1933), he wrote: "Yes, hog-hunting is a brutal sport - and yet I loved it, as I loved also the fine old fellow I fought against".


Height 23.5 cm / 9 12"
Width 41 cm / 16 14"
Framed height 44.5 cm / 17 "
Framed width 73 cm / 28 "
Framed depth 1 cm / "



Circa 1928




United Kingdom




Good clean condition.