Snaffles WWI Military Print, The Canadian

Snaffles WWI Military Print, The Canadian


Vintage Snaffles WWI Military Print, The Canadian.
A good Snaffles WWI military print 'The Canadian', Snaffles hand coloured lithograph. The picture shows a wounded soldier charging through the barb wire fences with wire cutters in his hand. The margin has two remarques, one depicting a soldier laying on the ground and taking aim with his riffle, the other is just the head and shoulders of a soldier smoking a pipe. The print is published by Fores of Bond Street and is nicely framed in an oak frame.

Charles 'Snaffles' Johnson Payne (1884 – 1967) was an English painter who specialised in water colours, and who's subject matter was invariably equestrian (racing, hunting, polo and pig sticking), military or a combination of these. Snaffles had a very distinctive style by showing just one person in detail, in addition he added remarques and amusing captions to supplement the pictures and main title.


Height 29.5 cm / 11 "
Width 21 cm / 8 12"
Framed height 46 cm / 18 14"
Framed width 37 cm / 14 "