Vanity Fair Hunting Print 'Doggie'

Vanity Fair Hunting Print 'Doggie'



Vanity Fair Fox Hunting print 'Doggie' after Ape.
A chromolithograph print published December 6th, 1884, by Vincent Brooks, Day & Son Ltd. Lith., for Vanity Fair. The picture is titled 'Doggie' and is an original print of Capt. Arthur Smith by Ape, mounted and in reasonable condition but with slight staining and one small hole. Capt. Smith is shown in his hunting pink, top hat and holding a riding crop.

Vanity Fair was published in London from 1869 to 1914, and each magazine would contain a loose print of a caricature painted by various artists and would come with an amusing biography. 'Spy' worked for Vanity Fair for 40 years until it ceased publication in 1914 and is possibly the most well known of the VF artists.

Carlo Pellegrini (1839 - 1889), nicknamed Ape (Italian for bee), was an artist who worked from 1869 to 1889 as a caricaturist for Vanity Fair. He originally signed his work as 'Singe' and later, and more famously, as 'Ape'. His work for the magazine made his reputation and he became one of its most influential artists. Ape's caricature of Benjamin Disraeli was the first of a highly successful series of more than two thousand caricatures eventually published by Vanity Fair.


Height 32 cm / 12 "
Width 19.5 cm / 7 34"
Framed height 49 cm / 19 12"
Framed width 34.5 cm / 13 "



C. 1884


United Kingdom


Very Good