Fishing Reel, Hardy St John

Fishing Reel, Hardy St John


St John Fly Fishing Reel by Hardy Bros.
This is a good 4" Hardy 'Saint John' alloy dry fly reel with spare line drum that allows for more line to be fitted to the reel. It is a copy of a reel that Mr. John James Hardy had designed for his own use when trout fishing using a lightweight rod. It has a rim tension regulator, smooth brass foot, check mechanism, black handle and retains the some original grey factory finish. Fitted with a sprung drum latch, enabling the easy removal of the drum with no tools involved. Front plate with one series of concentric holes, back plate marked "Made by Hardy Bros. Ltd., Alnwick, England. The "St. John" Fly Reel, Hardy's Pat. No. 9261. The inside bears the initial F which is probably one of the workers in the factory.
There is a product information image taken from an old Hardy catalogue who say about the St. John:- This reel is of large diameter, designed for use with light single-handed fly rods. It is in form much contracted to enable quick recovery of the line and command of the fish.
Is specially designed for dry fly fishing for salmon or other large fish when using a light single-handed rod. The line drum is extra deep and carries 35 yards of I.B.I. "Corona Superba" double tapered line, and 100 yards of No.2 "Solidae" silk backing line. The check work is strong.
Made of "Alumin" in two parts only in contracted form and with large diameter. Fitted with regulating Patent "Compensating" check, with duplicate spares (see page 207).
To dismount reel, pull over the lever of latch with the forefinger.
Diameter, 3 7/8 in. ; width between plates of line drum, 15/16 in.; approximate weight 7 1/2 oz. Price 52/6 Spare Drum, 29'6.


Depth 3.5 cm / 1 "
Diameter 9.9 cm / 4"



C. 1930




United Kingdom


Very good.