Snaffles Watercolour, Colonial Military.

Snaffles Watercolour, Colonial Military.


Snaffles Colonial Military Watercolour.
An original colonial water colour signed by the artist, Snaffles. The picture is in good colour and shows a trooper on a white horse, (21st Lancers, colours of the East India Company) a pipe in his mouth, a fly whisk in his right hand and the Rudyard Kipling quote 'I don't know whose dam column I'm in, nor where we're trekkin nor why. (R.K)' written underneath.

This is similar to the another of Snaffle's images, "The Ikonas".

Charles 'Snaffles' Johnson Payne (1884 – 1967) was an English painter who specialised in water colours, and who's subject matter was invariably equestrian (racing, hunting, polo and pig sticking), military or a combination of these. Snaffles had a very distinctive style by showing just one person in detail, in addition he added remarques and amusing captions to supplement the pictures and main title.

Image size: 10 ½ inches wide x 13 ½ inches high.


Height 44 cm / 17 12"
Width 37.5 cm / 15"