Baines Burhill Golf Trade Card

Baines Burhill Golf Trade Card

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Baines Golfing Trade Card, Burhill.
A rare circular golf trade card in the shape of a bramble golf ball. Made by the toy shop owner from Bradford, John Baines. Baines went on to produce not only football cards but eventually covered scores of different sports, from golf, cricket, tennis to horse racing and bowls, and just about any kind of sporting affiliations in just about every city, town and village in the UK. The cards were promoted in various prize competitions like finding certain "medal cards", collection a certain amount of empty packets. One could always submit a mini essay on sport with the winner having their writing printed on the backs of the cards. Hence why the backs are so varied and different.

The Baines card offered for sale is printed in a grey/black tone with a picture of a lady golfer just hitting a golf ball with her male playing partner behind to the front with the words 'Good Shot, Burhill'. To the reverse 'Warriston, Moffat, Scotland, 5th Feb. 1921. Dear Sir, Your football cards are excellent. I am sending for more. Will you please send me Value of football cards to amount enclosed. Yours truly John J. Kennedy. P.S.- I prefer as many letters oncards as you can send me. J. Baines, 32 Oak Lane, Bradford, reg. No. 80,607'.
Burhill Golf Club is in Walton on Thames. It was built in 1907 and was chosen to host the Regional Qualifying for The Open Championship until 2020.


Diameter 7.2 cm / 3"







United Kingdom