Mamouth Niblick Golf Club, Junior

Mamouth Niblick Golf Club, Junior

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Antique Hickory Shafted Cochrane's Giant Niblick.
Maybe one of the most popular golf collectibles, the giant niblick. Found in many collections because of its eye-catching enormous, oversized head. This club was retailed in London and the rear of the club head stamped 'Fortmason, Piccadilly, London, Stainless, Warranted Hand Forged, Junior Mammoth Niblick' with Cochrane's 'Bowline Knot' cleek mark. The club with hand punched dot face markings and hickory shaft with black rubberised grip. The giant niblicks were produced by several clubmakers, William Gibson & Co., Cochranes, Ben Sayer and Hendry & Bishop to name a few. Known as Mammoth Niblicks, frying pan niblicks, they are a beautiful and interesting club for display. Bigger is not always better, the giant niblick was a difficult club to master.

The measurements shown are the length of the shaft with hosel and the width and depth of the face.

The last few images shows this Juniors Mammoth Niblick with a Mammoth Niblick and a normal Niblick.


Height 88 cm / 34 34"
Width 9.5 cm / 3 34"
Depth 7.5 cm / 3 "





United Kingdom


Good condition, club head with some markings.