Black & White Colonial Golf Photograph

Black & White Colonial Golf Photograph

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Late Victorian Golf Photograph.
A sepia toned late Victorian Colonial golf photograph of a group of male golfers, the group containing a few children. The gentlemen are wearing an assortment of clothing, some in caps, some in bowler hats, a couple with top hats, one gentleman wearing a military uniform with medals. The golf clubs they are holding are early wooden scared head long nose hickory clubs, the sort made by the great Scottish clubmakers like Tom Morris, Willie Park, Alex Patrick, Charlie Hunter & Robert Forgan. A great piece of golfing history. This came from the same source as the Indian Polo Photographs, hence why we believe this also to be Colonial.

Mount size 37 ½ cm high by 42 cm wide.
This has most probably came from an old photo album as there are pencil scribbling in the margin and on the reverse side is a photograph of an unknown castle.


Height 22.5 cm / 9"
Width 28 cm / 11 "



Circa 1890




Very good