The Stymie, North Berwick After Dollman

The Stymie, North Berwick After Dollman



Golf Print, "The Stymie, A Foursome at North Berwick in the Forties" after the original painting by J.C. Dollman,
published in December 1899 by The Fine Art Society Ltd. New Bond Street, London.
This photogravure has been repaired but is a good decorative picture in a gilt oak mount and very attractive frame.
The framed size is 26 x 35 inches

A 'stymie' refers to an old rule in golf. This is where in a singles match play, one player's ball is blocking the path of another player's ball on the green. If the balls are not within six inches of each other, the obstructing player's ball is not lifted. Instead the player who was further away from the hole had to attempt to putt around the obstacle ball. Sometimes a
player would even attempt to chip his ball over the opponent's ball into the cup.