A Persimmon Wood Golf Club, Driver With Scared Head.

A Persimmon Wood Golf Club, Driver With Scared Head.

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Antique Scared Head Bulger Style Driver.
An elegant scared head persimmon wood driver by Schlottman. This great looking club has a polished club head, lead weight to the rear and the traditional insert along the leading edge of the sole, head is stamped 'G. Schlottman Special' as is the original hickory shaft. The shaft fitted with a later full-length leather grip with underlisting.
This is a very nice example of a scared head golf club from the 1880's in excellent condition.

The measurements of the club are;
Length 109 cm
Width of face 6 cm
Depth of face 3.4 cm

The early clubs are made with a hickory shaft glued to the head by means of a splice or scare joint. This joint is then further strengthened by whipping with a pitched thread. All beautifully hand made by craftsmen of the time.


Height 109 cm / 43"
Width 3.5 cm / 1 "
Depth 6 cm / 2 "



Circa 1900


Persimmon wood & hickory


Good original condition, head with slight staining, grip a later replacement.