Cope's Golfers Cigarette Cards.

Cope's Golfers Cigarette Cards.



50 Original Cope's Golfers Cigarette Cards.
A full set of fifty cigarette cards by Cope Bros. & Co., Ltd. This set is the most sort-after set of golfing cigarette cards and is complete. These are the original 1900 cards and NOT the reprints of the 1980's. The original art work for these promotional cards was painted by George Pipeshank and features many of the great players and characters of the day including John Taylor, Tom Morris, Alex Herd, Allan Robertson, Tom Morris Jr., 'Fiery', F. G. Tait, J. H. Taylor, Harold Hilton, J. Ball, H. G. Hutchinson and A. J. Balfour. To the rear of the cards is the listing for the full set and Cope's details, ' Cope Bros. & Co., Ltd., Liverpool, 10, Lord Nelson St., London, 89, Gt. Eastern St., E.C.'. The set is in very good condition and very colorful, great addition to a collection.


Height 7 cm / 3"
Width 3.5 cm / 1 "