Hunting Boot Lamps

Hunting Boot Lamps



Vintage Pair of Black Hunting / Riding Boot Lamps.
A pair of English leather Hunt or Top boots with the original beech wood trees. The black hunting boots with 'Mahogany' tops (tan cuff) have been sympathetically converted into a pair of lamps.

Hunt or Top Boots are the foot wear most people associate with hunting attire. These are typically worn when the formal hunt season opens and are worn by the Hunt Master and Hunt Staff. The boots are worn with the scarlet or red coats (also known as hunting 'Pink'). The red coats are worn so the hunt officials can be seen from a distance. Gentlemen wearing the hunting pink also wear white breeches with the hunt boots, top hat or grey hunting cap.
Top boots with black patent leather tops or mahogany tops are also correct if one is wearing a top hat and a black coat.