Eton Straw Boater, Monarch

Eton Straw Boater, Monarch



Eton 'Procession of Boats' Straw Boater, "Monarch".
An Eton College Procession straw boater, "Monarch", by New & Lingwood Ltd, Eton. Decorated with a dark blue silk, gilt edged ribbon with hand painted gilt lettering Monarch. There is a central decoration on the boater of a gilt anchor badge with Latin motto 'Floreat Etona', "may Eton flourish".
The 'Monarch', being a ten-oar, was the largest of the ceremonial boats. The cox of the "Monarch" wears a naval officer uniform of the Nelson's era, the rowers are dressed in the uniform of eighteenth-century midshipmen. The oarsmen also wear extravagantly decorated straw boaters.

Every year Eton College celebrates George III birthday by holding a procession of the boats known as 'The Fourth of June' (although it is rarely held on 4 June). There are references to a procession of boats as far back as 1784, but it was not officially recognised by the College authorities until 1834. The college boats go down the river, and as they pass the spectators standing on the riverbank, each boat in turn stops and the entire crew and the cox stand up, the crews then hold their oars up vertically. They then face Windsor Castle, remove their hats and cheer the Queen, the school, and the memory of George III.
Over the years many of the upper and lower boats have had patriotic names including Britannia, Prince of Wales and Victory.


Height 10.5 cm / 4 "
Width 33.5 cm / 13 "
Depth 29.5 cm / 11 "



C. 1920




United Kingdom


The boater is very good, silk ribbon is a little frayed at the edges, gilt edges loose